Thursday, November 25, 2010


The sky had swallowed the sun,
the reign of the night had begun.
Fear crept into the boys heart.
He shivered, with out knowing to do what.

He could hear voices under his bed
Listening to them he crouched with dread
And tried to make out what the voices said.
To see where the conversation led.

They were different kind of voices.
Some would whisper, while some would chirp.
And some wailed like the haunted seas,
Then there was the buzzing of the bees

The boy tried to sleep, but in vain.
He shut his eyes hard, but was only a pain.
Of all this trouble there was no gain.
But only a few minutes of cat nap.

He lied on his bed, eyes wide open;
waiting for the day to break.
He prays god for the sun to come
But still the sky was just a starry one.

The boy then counted the stars all night.
Till the darkness gave way to light.
But by then he was sound asleep
Soon his mom came by and peeped.
And allowed him no more to sleep.


  1. nice man!!! where are the others... missing them..

  2. This time u reached out to those wit fear, those who await a tomorrow n those who
    Can jus see tht u hv two hearts th extra one in ur skull ....:-)good1 ty for it.