Thursday, December 30, 2010

What does one do?

What does one do?
When the will for all good things are gone.
What does one do? when one a true smile can no longer b adorne?
What does one do? When friendship only seems "give and take"
What does one do? when one thinks only about the money he can make.

A face,once, that meant the world to you,Now feels oblivious and new.
When, food which made your heart leap, you see it now as a tasteless heap.
A scent which once tantalized your mind, can no longer make you feel sublime.
What does one do??

Those sweet stories that you once read,
No longer gets you tears to shed.
That certain song that once made your day
Can no longer be that way.
The beautiful things that filled your heart with joy.
The books,the paintings and the toy.
But now, all seems so barren and "un-divine"
What does one do??

When the spirit of adventure no longer dwells in your heart.
when the thirst for knowledge, is forever quenched
when the ability to love is all gone
when the passion for life is no longer born.....

why does one live? How does one live?
What must one do????

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