Monday, March 27, 2017

A Cyclic Dilemma

If that which came to pass, was meant to be that way;
Then did my actions and passions have no role to play? 
Or is it my actions that decide the course of life? 
Is the current state, an effect of my strife? 

Which is the cause and which is the effect? 
This is decided at who's behest? 
Such questions often broaden or mire the simple mind
Are these pointless rants or journey towards the divine? 

Whatever the answers to these might be, 
Time is at hand! Your will is free! (?) 
So strive on! Move ahead till you breath your last.
Life's too precious to dwell on the past! 

... But, if my present is a function of the past; 
Was it predestined, that which has come to pass? 
was it meant,  to be this way? 
 Schemes and designs have no role to play?

No rhyme, no reason, No plans  no actions, 
Just cyclic contemplation and cyclic reactions. 

Thursday, December 22, 2016


There is one, a maiden fair, nice and good she is.
A million matters in her heart and in her eyes a million dreams.
Perhaps tis' those dreams there are that glint in her eyes.
Or are they thoughts that turn not to words and reach a sad demise?
Or maybe they are unsaid words that leave things undone
Or maybe they are the tunes of heart that have gone unsung.

What'er might be the case, the sheen is sure to stay.
Grit and resolve they hath shown.. She always has her way!
Though the turtle may have a shell, that is strong and hard to breach
It is only to keep safe the core, that's delicate and hard to reach.
Of what is made that glint of her eye.. no one shall ever know.
Of joy of sorrow of great lament, or of a strong heart warrior bold!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

The First Song


The primordial moment had come to pass, to form a divine paradox.
There was nothing called the night or day,
Nor the forces that have their way,
Neither the space for matter to rest; to move or stay at anyone's behest.

Engulfed in vast waters it laid, where there was no "deathlessness" or death
Of such an ocean, who can tell? how many fathoms was its depth?
To look over this no Gods were there, for there were no heavens from which to stare
What was that entity that held this all? how could it, upon itself, bear?
Answer to this, none can tell.

And it so happened, that a desire rose,
at an instance, in "its" mind.
An infinitesimal seed of creation,
germinating for everything to bind.

When this happened? How this happened?
Who can even fathom or tell?
Not us, not god nor he himself knows
As to where the answer dwells.


The days seem bleak and the heart seems weak
And there is so much hate and sorrow.
We wipe our tears, not with our hands,
But with the hope of a better tomorrow.

We are so sure, that the sun shall rise,
after a pitch dark,stormy night.
And that which makes us sit and wait,
Is not the fear, but the power of faith.

We close our eyes on the day that's passed.
To rest, with a sigh of relief.
Thought, death reeks our future,present and past.
That is the strength of belief

How can we be human? if, for at least once 
we've never loved?
Haven't shed a tear for another soul,
For one who is not of our flesh and blood?

Friday, April 22, 2011


Nothing is here, forever, to stay.
You might say "No" Oh well, you may.
But this is a fate we all do share.
Unmindful of this,our lives, we bear.

We love, only to loose.
We laugh, only to cry.
We loose, only to find again.
We are born, only to die.

One journey ends,for another to begin.
We stay steadfast, only to give in.
We correct mistakes, to make new ones.
We laugh out loud, but cry with in.

Why do we do this? i ask.
If you are happy, laugh aloud
If you are sad, then cry your heart out
If you are angry, let it out loud
If you love someone, tell 'em about(it)

For,We love, only to loose.
We laugh, only to cry.
We loose, only to find again.
We are born, only to die.


When she jolts on the high seas,
I get shaken and can hardly sleep.
The ocean below me, I know, is deep.
And i feel numb, every time I peep.

When I think of it, I tremble in terror.
My heart is griped by constant fear.
And when in need of some ease and calm,
I think of you, in my arms.

Your face in my mind looks so sweet,
And me with hard ground under my feet,
That serene place where we always meet.
and the soft grass beneath.

Do u remember the scented breeze?
The ducks, the pond and the wading gees
The soft sun that sets in the west.
In our lands where our hearts rest.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

What does one do?

What does one do?
When the will for all good things are gone.
What does one do? when one a true smile can no longer b adorne?
What does one do? When friendship only seems "give and take"
What does one do? when one thinks only about the money he can make.

A face,once, that meant the world to you,Now feels oblivious and new.
When, food which made your heart leap, you see it now as a tasteless heap.
A scent which once tantalized your mind, can no longer make you feel sublime.
What does one do??

Those sweet stories that you once read,
No longer gets you tears to shed.
That certain song that once made your day
Can no longer be that way.
The beautiful things that filled your heart with joy.
The books,the paintings and the toy.
But now, all seems so barren and "un-divine"
What does one do??

When the spirit of adventure no longer dwells in your heart.
when the thirst for knowledge, is forever quenched
when the ability to love is all gone
when the passion for life is no longer born.....

why does one live? How does one live?
What must one do????

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