Monday, July 12, 2010

The Singing Stones

And there it stood, the great old monument,

Below the vast, everlasting firmament.

Its face, washed by a hundred rains; tanned by a thousand suns.

It still stands, immobile and resolute,

Mocking at the test of time.

Its beauty, as always- divine,

Though the days of pomp are gone

Though festoons no long adorn.

Its not a structure, but poetry.

Not carved, but composed by a hundred toiling hands.

Written not, from the tip of their quills,

But etched, by the edge of their chisels.

How many cold winters has it seen?

How many summers there have been?

How many raids has it witnessed?

No one can tell, as it stands quiescent.

The bodies of the hands might have withered away,

To death, they might have given way.

But, such beauty and splendour that they have made,

Surely has made their souls to stay.

Minstrels still sing its praise,

None who set eyes, move their gaze.

A creation, as such, shall never again be seen

It goes on to prevail for posterity.


  1. Hello dude... Finally blogging your poems... nice... I loved the poem...
    Keep up the fantastic work..
    God Bless...

  2. hey anshumanth... this great poet is my bro.. :)

  3. wowow!!!!.....awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeee one ya!! :):):) rock on! :)

  4. hye nagesh this is a wonderful start man. glad that you finally put your poem on the blog. i knew that you used to write poems but i guess this is the first time you have put it for others to see. wonderful man. really good. keep writing more.

  5. Lovely!! :) this is brilliant.. :) cheers to yu! :)

  6. see all the comments u've got!! i told u it was really good!!

  7. hey this is awesome..never knew u had such an amazing talent...keep up the good work. :)

  8. Thank you guys.. all your encourage means a lot :)

  9. amazing!!!!!! i love it, love you

  10. nagesh, i luv the feel of this poem as i've always felt that the stones of yore have a story 2 tell ven v feel them n ur poem does that!! brilliant use of simple words which have more weight n reach..keep writing n let time sandpaper the few rough edges of a just born poet. advises sought wud only crampen ur style n take out ur individuality.. so congrats ..keep writing ... n keep posting till u have enough to compile n publish as a book of poems by nagesh.m.!!! God Bless. n namratha u have every reason to b proud of this brother of ur's!!
    -hema sudhakar

  11. Thank u for reading my poetry mam!!! when this comment comes 4m u it means a lot to me :) thank u!!

  12. I promise to read this poem again when i have a dictionary with me :P

    hehe. kidding.. wonderful writings